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About Us

We started our journey in marine flooring with the creation of LightTec™ which had an incredible success in the market. The company kept moving forward revolutionizing marine flooring with is last creation EcoTeak™IMO (Fire rating certified by the International Marine Organization and approved by the US Coast Guard).

For many years, our drive and commitment to quality has positioned Bogantec Marine in any type of vessel market. No matter the usage or the size EcoTeak™ is always the best option for your boat floors. We also provide the highest quality in residential flooring for your business or residence. We offer the best in synthetic marine flooring, residential flooring and also natural wood flooring.

Our company is proud to produce, under US Patent number8.945.332, all our marine flooring products in the USA and our mission always be to continue providing our clientele with a solution that exceed their expectations at a better price performance that our competitors.

It is our vision to always maintain high quality and customer service, it is imbedded in our DNA.


  • Sober elegance look and real teak feel.
  • Fire rating Certified by the International Marine Organization
  • US Coast Guard approval No. 164.112./ECO736/118.389
  • 100% Wood free.
  • Splinter-free, swell-free, crack-free and rot-free.
  • High skid resistance even when wet (Pendulum test class B).
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